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OpenAPI/Swagger Schema of the Riot Games API

Automatically generated daily from the Riot Games API Reference


The RG API Reference has many quirks and often has small errors or missing DTO specs. This project conaints many hacks to deal with them which are worth knowing if you plan to use the generated schemas.

Missing DTOs for the latest version are stored in this JSON file.

Manual Overrides

If the portal documentation is wrong, DTOs can be manually overridden (see src/data/schemaOverrides.json).

"DTO borrowing"

If a DTO is missing from one endpoint, it may be possible to find it in another endpoint. Which endpoints can "borrow" from which other endpoints are listed in src/data/endpointSharedDtos.json. The file is updated as needed.


x-platforms-available is listed per path specifying which platforms are available. This only differs for the tournament-v4 and tournament-stub-v4 endpoints. Overrides are in src/data/endpointPlatformsAvailableOverrides.json.

tournament Endpoints (tournament-stub-v4 and tournament-v4)

These endpoints share all the same DTOs. However, they each have a copy of each DTO, so there is duplicate data. This also means if you are generating classes from these endpoints, there will be duplicate issues.

TODO Because these endpoints are closely connected, both of their DTOs are included under tournament-v4. This way there aren't duplicate copies of tournament DTOs. This behavior is specified by src/data/mockEndpoints.json.

Old Quirks

Quirks that may no longer be relevant.

league-v3's LeagueItemDTO and LeaguePositionDTO

This spec combines LeagueItemDTO and LeaguePositionDTO under the later name. This was a quetsionable choice because it results in fields with null values that users might expect to be filled in (when parsing a LeagueItemDTO). This behavior is removed for league-v4.

static-data's DTO type overrides.

Static data had some DTO fields that could be multiple different types as specified in their description. These were overridden using the dict in src/data/dtoDescriptionTypeOverrides.json Because the static data endpoints are removed, this is no longer an issue.