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Documentation Overview

This article describes what the Snipe server documentation has to offer:

Getting started

This section contains the articles describing the Snipe server platform and basic steps needed to get it running and operational. It also contains the tutorial to make a bare-bones game project.


This section contains articles that describe low-level Snipe server mechanisms and APIs in depth.


This section contains tutorials to write basic client applications for connecting to the Snipe server.


This section describes useful APIs and mechanisms that provide additional Snipe server functionality.


This section contains the articles describing the tools that are supplied in the Snipe server package.


This section has articles about all core Snipe server modules describing their APIs and functionality.

  • Calendar Events - Describes the calendar events module.
  • Game Variables - Describes the game variables module.
  • Items and Bundles - Describes the ingame items and item bundles modules.
  • Localization Support - Describes the localization support.
  • Quests - Describes the game quests and quest chains.
  • Shop - Describes the ingame shop support.
  • Static Tables - Describes the support for editing and loading static database tables.
  • Users - Describes the users-related functions and classes.


This section has links to the descriptions of the additional packages that come bundled witn Snipe server.


This section has everything you need to know about the web editor, from basic configuration to extension APIs to server profiling support.

  • Configuration - Describes the editor configuration variables.
  • User Authentication - Describes the editor authentication mechanism.
  • Modules - Describes the editor modules, what they can do, and how they can extend functionality provided by the core modules.
  • Page Blocks - Describes how the editor draws the page and how do editor modules define that.
  • Main Page - Shows the main editor page API and describes how to add content to it.
  • Notifications - Describes the editor to server notification and request mechanism.
  • Subscriptions - Shows how the editor modules can subscribe to events produced by the core modules.
  • Localization - Shows the editor localization mechanism.
  • Profiler - Describes the internal server profiler and what information it can provide.
  • Troubleshooting - Describes the common problems that can happen with the editor.


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