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Steps to run

  • Node.js version 16.1.0 was used at the time of submission. Also tested and working with LTS.
  • Navigate to the project root directory in a command line tool.
  • Use npm run setup to install dependencies and compile the application.
  • Run with npm start or ts-node src/index.ts.
  • To inspect the plain JS code that targets ESNext, please check project-dir/plainBuild and project-dir/client/plainBuild.
  • Navigate to localhost:8080 and Scrabble away!

What I have achieved

  • I've developed a fully functional web based Scrabble game that supports up to 4 player local and online multiplayer.
  • The game features all relevant game mechanics and rules of Scrabble allowing for a full game to be played.
  • The website is built as an SPA to allow more seamless navigation and UI updates.
  • The functionality is processed solely on the server-side and not under a peer-to-peer system which defends against a host abusing cheats.
    • Though arguably this system may scale up poorly if this was deployed for a larger user base.
  • I developed my own websocket system from scratch including the ability to
    • Easily create and manage rooms and connections
    • Develop a consistent and standard model for request/responses via JSON

What I would improve

  • I would've liked to have written unit tests for my application. On several occasions I made a change that I thought I knew all the side effects of. Only to later find some bug that I luckily happened to stumble across.
  • There is a lack of user feedback when actions fail on the server side. The program will handle server-side failures but will not inform the user explicitly.
  • The CSS is somewhat responsive but it doesn't always scale well on smaller screens, especially with the grid and the individual boxes.

What was this project?

  • This project was a first year university coursework project.
  • The objective was to develop a Scrabble-like game with whatever extended functionality you see fit.

Technologies used in this application

  • HTML, CSS (Styled Components), Javascript (Typescript)
  • ReactJS w/ React Router, JSX/TSX, React-Spring
  • Webpack
  • Express.js


A piece of coursework completed for my first year of uni






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