Amazon Alexa PHP Library
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Amazon Alexa PHP Library

This library provides provides a convient interface for developing Amazon Alexa Skills for your PHP app.


Install via composer: composer require minicodemonkey/amazon-alexa-php.


When Amazon Alexa triggers your skill, a HTTP request will be sent to the URL you specified for your app.

You can parse the JSON body of the request like so:

$jsonDataAsArray = $request->json()->all(); // This is how you would retrieve this with Laravel
$alexaRequest = \Alexa\Request\Request::fromData($jsonDataAsArray);

You can determine the type of the request with instanceof, e.g.:

if ($alexaRequest instanceof IntentRequest) {
	// Handle intent here


You can build several Alexa responses with the Response class. You can optionally set cards or a reprompt, too.

Here's a few examples.

Simple text response

$response = new \Alexa\Response\Response;
$response->respond('I\'m your response message');

With reprompt

$response = new \Alexa\Response\Response;
$response->reprompt('What is your favourite color?');


For detailled informations on cards check out the following link:

$response = new \Alexa\Response\Response;
$response->respond('Cooool. I\'ll lower the temperature a bit for you!')
	->withCard('Temperature decreased by 2 degrees');
StandardCard with images

You can also show images within your card

Please note some notes on image sizing and hosting:

$response = new \Alexa\Response\Response;
$response->respond('Cooool. I\'ll lower the temperature a bit and show you an image!')
	->withImageCardCard('My title', 'My caption text for the image...', '', '');

The LinkAccountCard is used for skills with enabled account linking and will show a link to your configured account linking url. As title, text etc. are set automatically there is no possibility to set random text.

$response = new \Alexa\Response\Response;
$response->respond('To link the skill with your account, click the linkAccount shown in your alexa app.')

Output the response

To output the response, simply use the ->render() function, e.g. in Laravel you would create the response like so:

return response()->json($response->render());

In vanilla PHP:

header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo json_encode($response->render());


  • Verify request timestamp integrity automatically