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My personal chunkwm and skhd configs and scripts
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chunkwm and skhd configs

My personal chunkwm and skhd configs and scripts

See my dotfiles repo for my other configs


# Remove previous links
$ rm -f "${HOME}"/.{chunkwmrc,skhdrc}

# Install configs
$ git clone "${HOME}"/.config/chunkwm
$ ln -s "${HOME}/.config/chunkwm/chunkwmrc" "${HOME}/.chunkwmrc"
$ ln -s "${HOME}/.config/chunkwm/skhdrc" "${HOME}/.skhdrc"

Keyboard shortcuts


Changing focus

alt + hjkl

Resize windows

Action Key Combination
Resize left lctrl + alt + h
Resize down lctrl + alt + j
Resize up lctrl + alt + k
Resize right lctrl + alt + l
Equalise lctrl + alt + 0

Move windows

shift + alt + hjkl

Move windows to workspace

Action Key Combination
Send to last active desktop shift + alt + m
Send to previous workplace shift + alt + p
Send to next workplace shift + alt + n
Send to workplace shift + alt + num

Rotate windows

Action Key Combination
Rotate clockwise shift + alt + r
Rotate anticlockwise alt + r
Flip on x-axis shift + alt + x
Flip on y-axis shift + alt + y

Window actions

Action Key Combination
Fullscreen alt + f
Native fullscreen shift + alt + f
Center window shift + alt + c

Insertion point

Action Key Combination
Insert left lctrl + alt + h
Insert down lctrl + alt + j
Insert up lctrl + alt + k
Insert right lctrl + alt + l
Cancel insert lctrl + alt + x


Action Key Combination
Toggle float shift + alt + space
Toggle gaps lctrl + alt + g
Restart chunkwm lctrl + shift + alt + r


Show information


Uses osascript to show information like CPU, memory, battery, etc. The CPU script requires osx-cpu-temp installed. The song script supports iTunes and cmus.

Click here to view the script folder

Note: May have to change the location of the scripts in skhdrc

Key Combination

fn + lalt + num


fn + lalt - 1 : /path/to/script
fn + lalt - 2 : /path/to/script
fn + lalt - 3 : /path/to/script

Opening applications

Launch iTerm2


Launches iTerm2 using like in i3-wm.

Click here to view the script

Key Combination

alt + return

alt - return : /path/to/launch/terminal
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