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ext {
scalaVersion = '2.12.4'
dependencies {
compile project(':minidns-client')
compile project(':minidns-iterative-resolver')
compile project(':minidns-dnssec')
compile project(':minidns-integration-test')
compile project(':minidns-hla')
compile "com.lihaoyi:ammonite_$scalaVersion:1.1.2"
testCompile project(path: ":minidns-client", configuration: "testRuntime")
task printClasspath(dependsOn: assemble) {
doLast {
println sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath.asPath
animalsniffer {
// Disable AnimalSniffer for minidns-repl.
// Unfortunately I found no better way to disable it besided making the sourceSets set an empty set.
sourceSets = []