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Help moving model to float (arithmetic error: arithmetic operation on infinite value) #138

wvrius opened this Issue Jan 29, 2017 · 0 comments


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wvrius commented Jan 29, 2017


I'm trying to solve a constraints problem using MiniZinc, and I'm encountering an issue while trying to move my model to use floats.

This is my first time using MiniZinc, so I might be misusing it or making a silly mistake.

Problem: Given a matrix with products X feature weights, select multiple products that respect the sum constraints. One product can be chosen multiple times.

I started from the Knapsack example, here:, removed solving for maximizing profit and generalized for nFeatures.


int: nProducts; 
int: nFeatures;
int: nMatrix = nProducts * nFeatures;

array[1..nMatrix] of int: featuresMatrix;

array[1..nFeatures] of int: maxCons;
array[1..nFeatures] of int: minCons;

set of int: Products = 1..nProducts;
set of int: Features = 1..nFeatures;

array[Features] of var int: featureUsage;
array[Products] of var int: productsTaken; 

constraint forall(k in Features) (
    featureUsage[k] = sum(i in Products)(featuresMatrix[((k-1)*nProducts)+i] * productsTaken[i])

constraint forall(k in Features) (
    if minCons[k] != -1 then
     featureUsage[k] >= minCons[k]

constraint forall(k in Features) (
    if maxCons[k] != -1 then
      featureUsage[k] <= maxCons[k]

constraint forall(i in Products)( productsTaken[i] <= 2); 
constraint forall(i in Products)( productsTaken[i] >= 0); 

constraint sum(i in Products)(productsTaken[i]) > 0; 
constraint sum(i in Products)(productsTaken[i]) < 100; 

solve satisfy;

Input data:

nProducts = 5;
nFeatures = 2;

featuresMatrix = [

maxCons = [

minCons = [

The model executes correctly for integer inputs, but I need the model to work with floats instead.
Trying to do so, I changed to following declarations to float.

array[1..nMatrix] of float: featuresMatrix;
array[1..nFeatures] of float: maxCons;
array[1..nFeatures] of float: minCons;

array[Features] of var float: featureUsage;

but I'm getting the following error:
MiniZinc: arithmetic error: arithmetic operation on infinite value

Am I doing something wrong?


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