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A Bible reading app focused on speed and simplicity
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.idea Update the submodule version Jun 29, 2015
app Disable two tests that are failing the build Jun 29, 2015
gradle/wrapper Update to version 1.0 of Android Studio Dec 14, 2014
jsword-minimalbible @ 9a2895a
.gitignore Plenty o' updates: Kotlin 12, new JSword build Jun 13, 2015
.gitmodules Update the gitmodules file Jun 14, 2015
.travis.yml New android SDK for unit/int testing is causing issues Jun 14, 2015
MinimalBible.iml Update the submodule version Jun 29, 2015 Remove the JS stuff from README, it's no longer used. Dec 5, 2014 Install android-22 Apr 16, 2015
build.gradle Updates for Travis Jun 13, 2015 Up the memory limit for comiling with Kotlin Jun 14, 2015
gradlew.bat Add the initial project. Jul 5, 2014
package.json Fix some build issues with the JS Sep 1, 2014
settings.gradle One more commit. Jun 14, 2015


A Bible app for android designed to be more focused in both UI and feature set. If you want to keep track of the ongoing progress, check out the blog over here!

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