Profile your minecraft server: Find which entities and tile entities are making your server slow
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A small mod for servers to assist with finding which TileEntities(machines) and Entities are being slow.

Copyright © 2012, nallar TickProfiler is licensed under the MIT license


Download the latest builds from Jenkins.


TickProfiler uses minecraft forge's suggested config location - minecraft folder/configs/TickProfiler.cfg It's commented quite well, and is hopefully understandable. If any of the descriptions don't make sense please make an issue.


TickProfiler is built using Gradle

  • Checkout this repo and run: ./gradlew build or gradlew.bat build

Coding and Pull Request Formatting

  • Generally follows the Oracle coding standards.
  • Tabs, no spaces.
  • Pull requests must compile and work.
  • Pull requests must be formatted properly.

Please follow the above conventions if you want your pull requests accepted.


Paypal: Donate


  • nallar
  • duaiwe
  • Everyone who's helped with testing and reporting bugs :)


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