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TickProfiler is a Minecraft Forge mod that helps server administrators find lag-causing entities along with other profiling features.

Basic Command Usage

/profile - Shows list of commands.

/profile e - Runs entity profiling in all worlds for 30 seconds.

/profile p - Runs packet profiling for 30 seconds.

/profile u - Runs CPU utilization profiling for 240 seconds.

/profile l - Runs lock contention profiling for 240 seconds.

/profile s - Runs lag spike detection profiling for 600 seconds.

/profile c - Runs profiling for the chunk you're standing in for 30 seconds.

/tps - Lists how many ticks per second the server is running at (anything less than 20.00 means lag).

Command Options

[time in seconds] - Available for all profile commands, specifies how many seconds a command will run for.

e.g. /profile e 10 - Will run entity profiling for 10 seconds.

[dimension id] - Specifies which dimension the profiling will run in.

e.g. /profile e 10 0 - Will run entity profiling for 10 seconds in dimension 0 (overworld).

[chunk] - Available for /profile c, Specifies which chunk to run entity profiling.

e.g. /profile c 1 1 10 0 - Will run entity profiling in chunk 1,1 for 10 seconds in the overworld.

Hint - You can find the chunk coordinates by dividing your Minecraft coordinates by 16 (round down to a whole number).

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