[not yet functional] Multi-threaded minecraft. Performance over correctness. What could go wrong?
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Multi-threaded minecraft. Requires Forge.

TickThreading is licensed under the MIT license


Download the latest builds from Jenkins.

Support Discord

Chat with us on discord.

Compatibility with other mods

See the wiki.


TickThreading uses minecraft forge's suggested config location - minecraft folder/configs/TickThreading.cfg Some additional configuration options which need to be set before the server is started can be changed in the ttlaunch.properties file in your server folder. It's commented quite well, and is hopefully understandable. If any of the descriptions don't make sense please make an issue.


TickThreading stores its logs in the TickThreadingLogs directory, and will keep the previous 5 logs. Make sure to include all relevant logs if you run into a problem.


TickThreading is built using Gradle.

  • Install JDK 8. Set your JDK_HOME environment variable to your JDK 8 install path
  • Checkout this repo and run: gradlew.bat

Coding and Pull Request Formatting

  • Generally follows the Oracle coding standards.
  • Tabs, no spaces.
  • Pull requests must compile and work.
  • Pull requests must be formatted properly.
  • Code should be self-documenting - when possible meaningful names and good design should make comments unnecessary

Please follow the above conventions if you want your pull requests accepted.


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