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Minimum Viable Continuous Delivery

This is a community project to define the minimum set of practices that give the expected improvements to outcomes, quality of life, and organizational structure that come with continuous delivery.

The website for this project, contained in this repo, is currently hosted at

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Running Locally

Install Hugo

Install Hugo, the open-source static site generator used in this project.

You can most easily install the latest version, but these versions of Hugo matter:

You can install a particular version locally using Prebuilt binaries. You need an "extended" version (to build SCSS/SASS with transpiler set to 'libsass').


This site uses NPM scripts to automate style checks.

npm ci will install all pre-commit hooks to verify style errors and test before allowing commits.

npm test will validate formatting. This will also run automatically as a pre-commit hook.

npm start will run the site locally.

npm run build will create the static site if you need to see the resulting structure.


Please see the contribution page for adding signatures or suggesting improvements.

If you'd like to submit a translation, please see the suggestions here.


Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


Want to print stickers? You can find our logo images here

MinCD Hex

MinCD Hex

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