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Open Access Monitoring for France

A complete description of the methodology and results can be found in the article

The results presented in the article can be reproduced with the notebook French Open Access Monitor in the notebooks folder.


  • Install docker and docker-compose and launch the daemon systemctl start docker

  • Install a MongoDB instance (that can be on another machine). Modify /etc/mongo.conf and ensure you bind IP or some specific IPs you'll use and start the service and launch the daemon.

  • Replace the IPs in the .env file with the MongoDB IP and your local IP.

  • If you are behind a proxy, first build the app:

sudo docker-compose build --build-arg HTTP_PROXY=http://PROXY:PORT
  • Launch the app:
sudo docker-compose up

API doc (swagger)

The swagger is available at


The app uses two collections, unpaywall_dumpand notices_publications

  • unpaywall_dump can be fed with the script scripts/ It will download the Unpaywall DB snapshot, filter it by year, and load it into mongo through the app API.

  • notices_publications should be fed with the scraped html of the DOI redirect pages As an example, the script scripts/ loads an example json element.

Processing the data to build and update the publications database

The script script/ processes all the publications in the unpaywall_dump collection, determines if it has a french affiliation using the HAL api and the info in the notices_publications collection, and finally loads the publications collection.

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