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Open Access Monitoring for France

A complete description of the methodology and results can be found in the article

[In 🇫🇷] Réaliser une déclinaison "locale" du baromètre de la science ouverte

Dans le répertoire notebooks, le notebook Jupyter OA_perimetre_specifique.ipynb (en python) permet, à partir d'une liste de DOI déjà constituée, d'enrichir les données avec les informations d'accès ouvert. Pour aller plus loin, se reporter au travail réalisé à l'université de Lorraine : et déjà ré-utilisé dans différents organismes.

Technical setup to reproduce the full application


  • Install docker and docker-compose and launch the daemon systemctl start docker

  • Install a MongoDB instance (that can be on another machine). Modify /etc/mongo.conf and ensure you bind IP or some specific IPs you'll use and start the service and launch the daemon.

  • Replace the IPs in the .env file with the MongoDB IP and your local IP.

  • If you are behind a proxy, first build the app:

sudo docker-compose build --build-arg HTTP_PROXY=http://PROXY:PORT
  • Launch the app:
sudo docker-compose up

API doc (swagger)

The swagger is available at


The app uses two collections, unpaywall_dumpand notices_publications

  • unpaywall_dump can be fed with the script scripts/ It will download the Unpaywall DB snapshot, filter it by year, and load it into mongo through the app API.

  • notices_publications should be fed with the scraped html of the DOI redirect pages As an example, the script scripts/ loads an example json element.

Processing the data to build and update the publications database

The script script/ processes all the publications in the unpaywall_dump collection, determines if it has a french affiliation using the HAL api and the info in the notices_publications collection, and finally loads the publications collection.


Baromètre de la Science Ouverte.




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