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Django AGPLv3 contest judge frontend for the DMOJ judge system. See it live at

A modern online judge and contest platform system, supporting IO-based, interactive, and signature-graded tasks.


Sleek problem formatting

Problems are written in Markdown, with LaTeX-enabled math and figures, as well as syntax highlighting. Problem statements can be saved to PDF for ease of distribution to contestants.

Submit in over 50 languages

Contestants may submit in over 50 programming languages with syntax highlighting. New languages can easily be added to the site, and problem authors can limit the languages which may be used to solve a problem.

Live submission status

Submission pages feature live updates, and submissions may be aborted by both submission authors and administrators. Compilation errors and warnings for a number of languages feature color highlighting.

Configurable contest system

Contests feature an optional rating system, and can be configured to run in any timeframe. Users are also able to participate virtually after the contest ends.

Internationalized interface

Use the site in whatever language you're most comfortable in — currently fully supporting English, Simplified Chinese, and Romanian. Problem authors can provide statements in multiple languages, and DMOJ will display the most relevant one to a reader.

Mobile support

The DMOJ is usable on devices of all sizes, and improvements are constantly being made in this area.

Highly featured administration interface

The DMOJ admin interface is highly versatile, and can be efficiently used for anything from managing users to authoring problem statements.

Miscellaneous others

This is by no means a complete list, but other features in the DMOJ site include:

  • OAuth logins
  • user comments
  • arbitrary flatpages
  • editorial support
  • language-specific resource (time/memory) constraints
  • filterable submissions
  • user rating graphs
  • front-page blog
  • registration emails
  • automated contest email notifying

...and many more!


Site component for the DMOJ contest judge.




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