A simple cache proxy for Google spreadsheets.
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GS Proxy

A dead simple, caching proxy for Google spreadsheets. Uses Flask and meant to be deployed on Heroku.

Install and run locally

  1. Create a virtualenv
  2. pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Set spreadsheet keys that are acceptable: export GS_PROXY_KEYS=<KEY1>,<KEY2>,<KEY3>
  4. Set how many minutes to keep cached values (default is 5): export GS_PROXY_CACHE=<MINUTES>
  5. Run locally: python app.py
  6. Go to http://localhost:5000

Deploy on Heroku

For Heroku.

  1. Setup and install Heroku command line tools
  2. Create Heroku app with whatever name you want: heroku apps:create <APP_NAME>
  3. Add spreadsheet keys: heroku config:set GS_PROXY_KEYS=<KEY1>,<KEY2>,<KEY3>
  4. (optional) Set cache time limit: heroku config:set GS_PROXY_CACHE=<MINUTES>
  5. Push up code: git push heroku master
  6. You can open the app with heroku open
  7. Use in your application by making a request like the following. Make sure to encode the proxy url parameter. http://<APP_NAME>.herokuapp.com/proxy?url=https%3A//spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/worksheets/<KEY1>/public/basic%3Falt%3Djson-in-script