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Minnpost Gettysburg Address

A fill in the blank version of the Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln at Gettysburg


Gettysburg Address text taken from, cited source of Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler.

Data processing

No data processing was used in this project. There was manual choosing of words to use for blanks.

Development and running locally


All commands are assumed to on the command line, often called the Terminal, unless otherwise noted. The following will install technologies needed for the other steps and will only needed to be run once on your computer so there is a good chance you already have these technologies on your computer.

  1. Install Git.
    • On a Mac, install Homebrew, then do: brew install git
  2. Install NodeJS.
    • On a Mac, do: brew install node
  3. Optionally, for development, install Grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli
  4. Install Bower: npm install -g bower
  5. Install Ruby, though it is probably already installed on your system.
  6. Install Bundler: gem install bundler
  7. Install Sass: gem install sass
    • On a Mac do: sudo gem install sass
  8. Install Compass: gem install compass
    • On a Mac do: sudo gem install compass

Get code and install packages

Get the code for this project and install the necessary dependency libraries and packages.

  1. Check out this code with Git: git clone
  2. Go into the template directory: cd minnpost-gettysburg-address
  3. Install NodeJS packages: npm install
  4. Install Bower components: bower install


  1. Get pump primed with: grunt
  2. Run: grunt server
    • This will run a local webserver for development and you can view the application in your web browser at http://localhost:8814.
    • Utilize index.html for development, while index-deploy.html is used for the deployed version, and index-build.html is used to test the build before deployment.
    • The server runs grunt watch which will watch for linting JS files and compiling SASS. If you have your own webserver, feel free to use that with just this command.


To build or compile all the assets together for easy and efficient deployment, do the following. It will create all the files in the dist/ folder.

  1. Run: grunt


Deploying will push the relevant files up to Amazon's AWS S3 so that they can be easily referenced on the MinnPost site. This is specific to MinnPost, and your deployment might be different.

  1. Run: grunt deploy



A fill in the blank version of the Gettysburg Address







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