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The bugs-and-help repository is used to track bugs and help requests for the MinnowBoard open source hardware and software program. If you are having a problem you haven't found an answer to, the issues database for the bugs-and-help repo is the right place to go.

See for details and other contact options.

MinnowBoard foundation members and collaborators are monitoring new issues and helping to provide resolution. We are a small team, but we strive to respond as quickly as possible.

What kind of issues should I submit?

All MinnowBoard-related topics are appropriate and acceptable. Note: EDK II firmware and security bugs are best submitted directly to Tianocore Bugzilla--see instructions. File an issue by clicking the Issues Tab and then click the green "New Issue" button. If entering a troubleshooting type question, please help us understand the environment causing the problem. Provide information about:

  • What hardware are you using? For example MinnowBoard Turbot dual core. For information on finding out what board you have, see
  • What operating system are you running, from what storage device?
  • What power supply are you using?
  • What firmware version are you using? For information on finding the firmware version, see

The MinnowBoard program ecompasses hardware, firmware, many operating systems, and other software functionality. As such, issues often cross many technical domains--clear, detailed information up front helps reach a solution more rapidly.


Ask QUESTIONS here. issue and get help submission. See README for use.



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