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Hakyll-convert provides a library and utility for importing blogs from a variety of engines (currently, Blogger and Wordpress) to the Hakyll static site generator.

We aim to:

  • avoid converting your content between formats (it usually comes in HTML and should stay as such without passing through filters)
  • allow for the possibility of Cool URIs by keeping relative page names the same as on your old blog (this only works if you use your own domain for your hosted site). If you don't agree with us on that point, use --output-format flag to specify your own output filename format.


  1. You should make a dump (backup) of all the posts in your existing Blogger/Wordpress blog. This can be done through the control panel. (More precise instructions will be available once we actually write them. Sorry.)

  2. Install hakyll-convert using cabal-install:

    $ cabal install hakyll-convert
  3. Assuming you have your backup in a file named backup.atom, run one of the following:

    • if it's a Blogger backup:

      $ hakyll-convert --format=blogger backup.atom posts
    • if it's a Wordpress backup:

      $ hakyll-convert --format=wordpress backup.atom posts
  4. You now have a directory named "posts" with HTML or Markdown files containing your posts.

For more control over the conversion, see --output-format and --extract-comments options. For now, --help is the best documentation we have (second only to the code. Sorry once again).