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Perl script for irssi that display information about your Linux PC
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   irssi sysinfo script

   Written by Alexander Batischev aka Minoru <>
   Licensed under GNU GPL v3 (see COPYING file for details)

This script displays information about your computer running Linux at the
current channel or query window. It can display:
- kernel version
- uptime
- CPU: model, frequency, bogomips
- RAM: capacity, amount of free and cached memory
- swap: capacity, amount of free and cached space
- names of audio and video devices
- load averages in last minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes
- number of processes running and total
- disks: total capacity and amount of free space
- network: amount of received and trancmitted traffic

Output of script can be colorised, you can use bold font and underlying.

Script have built-in anti-wrapper which prevents messages from wrapping (there
are limitations for message's length).

Feel free to mail me your bug reports!

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