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TuxLite Readme

TuxLite is a free collection of shell scripts for rapid deployment of LAMP and LNMP stacks (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL and PHP) for Debian and Ubuntu.

Have you considered upgrading from shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated server but held off by the costly control panel licenses, or the fear of managing a Linux server? Now you can leave those worries behind!

TuxLite scripts automate configuration of servers for web hosting, so your websites can be online within minutes! Ideal for those who prefer hosting sites on their own server without resorting to expensive and bloated control panels.

The following are installed:-

  • Apache2 with mpm_event or Nginx
  • MySQL, MariaDB or Percona
  • PHP-FPM + commonly used PHP modules
  • Postfix mail server (securely configured to be outgoing only)
  • Varnish cache (optional)

For more detailed explanation on the installation, usage and script features, kindly refer to these links:-


Script features


Quick Install (Git)

# Install git and clone TuxLite
apt-get -y install git
git clone
cd TuxLite

# Edit options to enter server IP, MySQL password etc.
nano options.conf

# Make all scripts executable.
chmod 700 *.sh
chmod 700 options.conf

# Install LAMP or LNMP stack.

# Add a new Linux user and add domains to the user.
adduser johndoe
./ add johndoe
./ add johndoe

# Install Adminer or phpMyAdmin
./ dbgui

# Enable/disable public viewing of Adminer/phpMyAdmin
./ dbgui on
./ dbgui off


  • Supports Debian 6, 7 and 8, Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10 and 14.04.
  • A server with at least 80MB RAM. 256MB and above recommended.
  • Basic Linux knowledge. You will need know how to connect to your server remotely.
  • Basic text editor knowledge. For beginners, learning GNU nano is recommended.

If this is your first time with a Linux server, I suggest spending a day reading the "getting started" tutorials in Linode Library.

Why use TuxLite?

  • TuxLite LAMP stack configures Apache with mpm_event and PHP with fastcgi (PHP-FPM). This gives much higher performance and lower memory consumption than the regular LAMP tutorials/guides using mod_php.
  • Uses official distribution packages. You are not at the mercy of the script maintainer to keep your servers updated. All installed software are tuned, optimized and secured.
  • Minimal resource usage. Fresh install requires only 50-60MB RAM.
  • Free from unnecessary or custom changes to your server. Everything is configured according to Debian/Ubuntu standards.
  • Automatic virtualhost configuration with log rotation, AWStats traffic statistics and phpMyAdmin for managing MySQL.
  • Varnish cache script included to turbo charge your websites.
  • Free and open source! Coded in a human readable manner and modular, making custom modifications extremely easy.


A complete LAMP and LNMP setup script for Debian or Ubuntu






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