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Simple Node Zcoin MTP proof-of-work hasher and verifier.
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This is a Node module for simple hashing and verifying inputs using the MTP (Merkle Tree Proof) proof-of-work algorithm as implemented by Zcoin.

This module has been developed and tested on Node v8.12 and Ubuntu 16.04



const mtp = require('hasher-mtp');

 * Solve the hash problem. This function will try different nonce until it finds one such that the
 * computed hash is less than the `target` difficulty.
 * @param  mtpInput   {Buffer}  80-byte header data to hash
 * @param  target     {Buffer}  32-byte target
 * @param  nonceStart {Buffer}  4-byte nonce to start with.
 * @param  nonceEnd   {Buffer}  4-byte nonce to stop at.
 * @returns {boolean | {
 *     nonce: {Buffer},
 *     hashValue: {Buffer},
 *     hashRoot: {Buffer},
 *     block: {Buffer},
 *     proof: {Buffer}
 * }} False if a nonce was not found, otherwise an object containing nonce and MTP proofs
 * in Buffers.
const result = mtp.hash(mtpInput, target, nonceStart, nonceEnd);
if (!result) {
    throw new Error('Failed to find a nonce that meets the target');


const mtp = require('hasher-mtp');
const hashValueOut = Buffer.alloc(32);

 * Verify the given input and proofs are valid.
 * This function verifies that the provided `nonce` does produce a hash value
 * that is less than `target`.
 * @param mtpInput     {Buffer}  80-byte header that was hashed.
 * @param nonce        {Buffer}  4-byte nonce to check.
 * @param hashRoot     {Buffer}  16-byte MTP hash root used for verification.
 * @param block        {Buffer}  MTP block data used for verification.
 * @param proof        {Buffer}  NTP proof data used for verification.
 * @param hashValueOut {Buffer}  A 32-byte buffer to put the hash result into.
 * @returns {boolean} True if verification is successful, otherwise false.
const isValid = mtp.verify(mtpInput, nonce, hashRoot, block, proof, hashValueOut);

if (isValid) {
else {
    console.log('Invalid Proof');


The Boost library is used.

In Ubuntu:

   sudo apt-get install build-essential
   sudo apt-get install libboost-system-dev
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