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MintCoin is a community owned and operated pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coin.

Send your coins to your wallet and earn high-yielding interest for saving your coins while securing the MintCoin network.

MintCoin Specifications

  • Pure Proof-of-Stake
  • 30 seconds block target
  • Difficulty retargets every block
  • PoS minimum age: 20 days
  • PoS maximum age: 40 days
  • PoS interest: 5% annual
  • 4 confirmations for transaction
    • Fast 2 minutes confirmation time for transactions!
  • 60 confirmations for minted blocks
  • Ports: 12788 (connection) and 12789 (RPC)


The official MintCoin web site:

The MintCoin team can be reached by e-mail:

The Telegram MintCoin group:

The MintCoin team is on Twitter:

We have a Discord server:

Our Reddit page:

Our Facebook page:

Finally, if you are looking for a block explorer you can use this:


Q: How long does it take before I can start minting?
A: You can mint 20 days after you get MintCoin in your wallet.

Q: What interest rate do I get?
A: 5% annually (that is, 5% per year).

Q: My wallet is taking really long to synchronize. How can I speed this up?
A: For now, you can either be patient or download a snapshot (sorry).
You can find a snapshot here:!uKIQhYRY!CzW5ZhvHHEQ9hmX8-Wpoqw Stop your wallet, extract that into your MintCoin directory, and then restart your wallet. It will then start synchronizing from the time the last snapshot was taken.

Q: When will MintCoin get added to more exchanges?
A: Most exchanges ask for money to get added, typically a lot of Bitcoin. Until someone organizes an effort to collect a lot of Bitcoin for this, MintCoin will probably not be added to any exchanges.

Q: When will there be a MintCoin coin burn?
A: A coin burn is used by investors to drive up the value of a crypto currency. Some members of the community think this is a good idea, others do not. Right now no coin burn is in progress or planned.

Q: I have other questions. Are there other answers?
A: The official FAQ can be found here:

Downloading the MintCoin Wallet

The first way to get the wallet is to download binaries from the GitHub releases link:

Building the MintCoin Wallet

There are two separate flavors of MintCoin wallet:

  • Graphical version (a.k.a. MintCoin-Qt)
  • Daemon version (a.k.a. mintcoind)

They both share much of the same code and are both in the same repository, but they are built differently.

Directions for the graphical version are found in doc/readme-qt.rst.

Directions for the daemon version are found in doc/build-unix.txt, doc/, or doc/build-osx.txt, depending on whether you are building for a Unix-like system, Microsoft Windows, or macOS, respectively.

Note that documentation for building Windows or macOS versions is out-of-date and may not work. Please let us know if you get it to work!

Configuring the MintCoin Wallet

By default the wallet has a file called MintCoin.conf which stores the configuration. The location of this file depends on whether you running in Linux, Windows, or macOS:

OS Default configuration file
Linux ~/.MintCoin/MintCoin.conf
Windows %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\MintCoin\MintCoin.conf
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/MintCoin/MintCoin.conf

Usually this will mean something like /home/someuser/.MintCoin/MintCoin.conf for Linux, C:\Users\SomeUser\AppData\Roaming\MintCoin\MintCoin.conf for Windows, and /Users/SomeUser/Library/Application Support/MintCoin/MintCoin.conf for macOS.

(Note that there is a separate configuration file for the GUI application, in a separate directory and called MintCoin-Qt.conf. Generally that should only be updated by the configuration menus in the GUI wallet itself.)

Each line in the configuration file looks like option=value, sort of like this:


You can set any value there that you can set by calling the wallet with options on the command-line. To see a full list of possible values to set, and a brief explaination of what they mean, use:

$ ./mintcoind -?


Wallet for MintCoin, a community proof-of-stake crypto-currency, running on Linux, Windows, or macOS




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