Minter Android Core SDK
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Minter Android Core SDK

Download License: MIT

Minter core sdk library, contains transaction signing and common helpers


The library contains JNI bindings, so you need to install android NDK if it's not yet. In future, all native code will be moved to dependencies.

Gradle root build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
       // ... some repos
        maven { url "" }

project build.gradle

ext {
    minterSdkVersion = "0.2.0"

dependencies {
    // for testnet use suffix "-testnet"
    implementation "${minterSdkVersion}"
    // for main net
    implementation "${minterSdkVersion}"

Basic Usage

Initialize it

try {
} catch (NativeLoadException e) {
    // handle linkage error


See tests


TODO (javadocs available for now)


TODO (NDK required)