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Banner A Randomizer for Pikmin 1 (GCN/Wii) powered entirely by Gecko Codes

How to download / What am I downloading

Go to this repository's release tab. Download

This package contains *.txt files with Gecko Codes formatted to be parsed by the Wii Homebrew app Cheat Manager. Since it's all plaintext, one can easily open these files to copy the Gecko Codes into Dolphin's Cheat Code Editor.

In addition to the randomizer code, a patch that re-enables the unused pluckaphone feature is included as well. This is because Candypop Buds will often spawn in undesirable places, leading to Pikmin being unpluckable by normal means. Use this patch at your discretion.

Playing in Dolphin Emulator


5.0-11969 was when my Extendo-RAM feature was added to Dolphin Emulator. Make sure you have a build equal to or greater than this, otherwise the Configurable MEM1 will not be available.

In the *.txt files from, copy the relevant lines of text into the Gecko Code editor in Dolphin Emulator's Game Properties window. You can also do this for the "Always Pluckaphone" code if desired.

Gecko Codes Tutorial

Make sure the revision of your copy of Pikmin 1 matches the code you are using. You can find this in the Game Properties window. Revision 1 is v1.01, Revision 2 is v1.02, etc.

Game Info Tutorial

If playing a GameCube version of Pikmin 1, also boost the MEM1 size in Dolphin's Config window. 32MB should be enough.

Extendo-RAM Tutorial

Playing on Real Hardware

IMPORTANT NOTE: GCN versions of Pikmin 1 will run out of memory on real hardware. I will eventually make a patching script that downscales many textures to alleviate this.

This guide assumes you have a homebrewed Wii with Cheat Manager and Gecko OS installed.

If one does not exist already, create a "txtcodes" folder on the root of your Wii's SD card. Copy the *.txt files from into the "txtcodes" folder on your SD card.

On your Wii, open Cheat Manager and enable the desired patches, then generate a *.gct file.

Cheat Manager Tutorial

Following that, open Gecko OS and, with SD Cheats enabled, launch the game.

Gecko OS Tutorial

The technical mumbo jumbo

Pikmin 1 Randomizer is written entirely using Gecko Codes using CodeWrite.

See the file "Randomizer Notes.txt" for information on the logic of the randomizer.

You may notice a port to GCN USA v1.00 in my repository. This was a warm-up port of the Randomizer from before I ported it to New Play Control! USA. It has fallen a bit behind code-wise from the final product, so it should only be used if absolutely necessary.

I have no plans to port the Randomizer to any other revisions of Pikmin 1 at the moment, but the source and documentation is available to anyone who wants to try.

Can I report a bug?

If you're playing in Dolphin Emulator and experience a crash or some other oddity, the best thing you can do is make a savestate and share it with me. The GameCube revisions of Pikmin 1 also have a crash handler that prints to OSReports, which in turn are captured by Dolphin Emulator and displayed in its log. If you could send me that log as well, that'd be super. You can send these things either via an Issue Report on this Github page, or on Discord via Hocotate Hacker (my tag is @The JustGreat Minty Meeo#0244).


A Randomizer for Pikmin 1 (GCN/Wii) powered entirely by Gecko Codes






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