Scoreboard API for your Minecraft Sponge and Bukkit Plugins.
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Scoreboard API for your Minecraft Sponge and Bukkit Plugins.
You can use this as a Plugin, or just add it to your dependencies.


  • Works for all the Bukkit versions since 1.7.
  • Works with Sponge! (Tell me if a version is not compatible)
  • No blinking!
  • Max characters per line:
    • 1.7: 16 (Working on it to allow 48 characters)
    • 1.8+: 40 (Working on it to allow 72 characters, not sure if possible, we'll see)


  • Allow more characters per line (Using teams)



Create a board:

BPlayerBoard board = Netherboard.instance().createBoard(player, "My Scoreboard");

Create a board with your own Scoreboard object:

BPlayerBoard board = Netherboard.instance().createBoard(player, scoreboard, "My Scoreboard");

Get a player's board:

BPlayerBoard board = Netherboard.instance().getBoard(player);

When you have your board, you can do whatever you want with it:

// Set a line
// If there is already a line with this score, it will replace it.
board.set("Test Score", 5);

// Get a line from its score

// Remove a line

// Change the name of the board
board.setName("My New Scoreboard");

// Delete the board


Same thing than Bukkit, but the object is called SPlayerBoard and the methods requires Text objects instead of String ones.
NB: With Sponge, please do not create boards for different players with the same scoreboard.


To use the Netherboard API, either:

  • put it in the plugins folder of your server, add it to your dependencies in your plugin.yml (e.g. depend: [SmartInvs]) and add it to the dependencies in your IDE.
  • add it to the dependencies in your IDE and include it in your plugin jar.

You can download the latest version on the Releases page on Github.

You can also use a build system:


repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'fr.minuskube:netherboard-bukkit:1.0.6'
    // Or if you use Sponge:
    // compile 'fr.minuskube:netherboard-sponge:1.0.6'


  Or if you use Sponge:


If you have a problem with the API, or you want to request a feature, make an issue here.