The Rockchip VPU driver module code for Linux, taken from rockchip-forwardports. I'm still hesitating between rockchip-vcodec and literate-octo-guacamole though...
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This repository goal is to focus on this Rockchip VPU driver code in order to use it with 4.13 kernels and onward.

Most of the code is written by the Rockchip engineers, in the rockchip_forwardports repository initiated by phh, and updated by wzyy2, and in the kernel 4.4 patched and maintained by Rockchip.

phh took care of making it compilable in an Out-Of-Tree fashion.

Currently being tested against RockMyy-Build kernels. Note that this might generate crashes and/or freezes in its current state.

You'll need a patched kernel anyway if you want to test this VPU code. The patches required are in the [kernel_patches][./kernel_patches] directory.

A kernel cross-compilation script including these patches is available in my RockMyy repository.


If you're cross-compiling

If you're cross-compiling this module, first set the ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE variables. If you're compiling from the Rockchip board itself, skip this example.

Example :

bash export ARCH=arm export CROSS_COMPILE=armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi-


To compile this module, type the following :

make M=$PWD -C /path/to/linux/sources CONFIG_RK_VCODEC=m

The command will generate a 'rk-vcodec.ko' file that you can insmod on the Rockchip board executing the kernel generated from the sources you specified.


If you're cross-compiling

Type the following command as root

make INSTALL_PATH=/install_root M=$PWD -C /path/to/linux/sources CONFIG_RK_VCODEC=m

Note that this will install extra/rk-vcodec.ko, along with the others kernel modules, in /install_root/lib/modules/kernel_version/kernel. Once you copy the modules directory in the board's /lib directory, you'll be able to modprobe the module directly from the board.

The kernel will also try to auto-load the module when possible.

If you're compiling directly

make M=$PWD -C /path/to/linux/sources CONFIG_RK_VCODEC=m modules_install

The module will then be loaded at boot. You can still load it directly through modprobe rk-vcodec.