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MEANHack '16 Training - Code Packets

MEANHack '16 is a 24-hour code-a-thon conducted as part of Digital Summit 2016 from December 16th-17th, 2016 in Visakhapatnam, AP. The code-a-thon is aimed at allowing students to build creative new applications focussed around Cloud, MEAN Stack, Cognitive, IoT and Mobile technologies. Students compete to build a working prototype of one of three applications that Miracle needs for 2017 to improve productivity and experience of its employees.

This repository contains the code packets that were used in the video tutorials for the competing teams, but the tutorials can be used by anyone who is looking to learn new technologies. The repo will help them get started with the tutorials by giving ready to use code. For any questions regarding the repository and its contents please contact

The video tutorials are available here -

Note : The links in this repository are as of the last commit and may change (or) become unavailable in the future.

Technology Overview

The following are the technologies that are used in this lab. Any prior knowledge of these technologies will accelerate your pace of learning.

• Node JS -

• Express JS -

• NPM -

• -

• IBM Bluemix -

• IBM Watson Developer Cloud -

• IBM Watson IoT Platform -

• Ionic -

• Cordova -

• Angular -

• Cloudant -

Additional Webinar Listing(By Miracle)

• Watson IoT Webinar-

• Watson Developer Cloud Webinar -

• Ionic Lab -

• MEAN Stack Webinar -

• OBD and Watson IoT Demo -

• Node JS and IBM Bluemix Webinar -

• IoT Use Cases Webinar -

Tutorials List

• Organization and Space Management in Bluemix(No Code)

• Consuming API's in Ionic and AngularJS

• Consuming API's in Node JS with Unirest

• Creating your Hello World Ionic Hybrid App

• Base64 to Image Encoding in JavaScript

• Using Sockets with Node JS for 2-Way Communication

• Pushing your first Node JS App to Bluemix

• Pushing your first Java App to Bluemix

• Connecting a simulator (or) device to Watson IoT Platform(No Code)

• Using Sockets and Ionic for a Mobile Chat App

• The basics of creating a Watson Chat Bot

• Introduction to Node JS and Express

• Consuming Watson IoT APIs in a Web Application

• Introduction to NoSQL DBs with Cloudant(No Code)

The tutorials where it is mentioned "Node Code" will not have any associated folder and code templates in this repository.

Lab Contributors

The following people have contributed to the development and delivery of this lab. This Lab is created and owned by the Miracle Innovation Labs Team.

• Chanakya Lokam - Director Miracle Innovation Labs

• Aditya Chinni - Lead - Miracle Innovation Labs

• Manasa Sutapalli - Lead Researcher - IoT and Cognitive

• Venkatesh Voona - Lead Researcher - Mobile and DevOps

• Vinod kumar Marupu - Sr. Mobile Research Associate

• Samir Kanta Lenka - IoT Research Associate

• Sai Sasank Bhavaraju - NextGen Code Developer

• Pavani Gedala - NextGen Code Developer

• Udaya Nandipati - Bluemix Research Associate

• Hema Guvvala - Sr. Mobile Research Associate

• Ramya Sri Pichikala - Big Data Research Associate

• Geeta Krishna Adhikari - AP Cloud Coach


Set of MEAN, IoT, Cognitive and Cloud tutorials that will help the attendees of MEANHack @ Digital Summit '16 learn and be prepared to compete at the event.






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