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OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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Fix error handling on interface removal.

Change-Id: Ie342202286001ef9972b6b2a5b74b872d572fbd6
latest commit 3b4013ebf2
@YorikSar YorikSar authored Roman Sokolkov committed
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bin Fixes bug 952176
doc Fixes ram_allocation_ratio based over subscription
etc/nova Ensure a functional database connection
nova Fix error handling on interface removal.
plugins/xenserver Merge "Fixes bug 954833 By adding the execute bit to the xenhost xena…
smoketests Don't allow EC2 removal of security group in use.
tools Drop AES functions and pycrypto dependency
.gitignore Support tox-based unittests.
.gitreview Set defaultbranch in .gitreview to stable/essex
.mailmap Only invoke .lower() on non-None protocols
Authors Merge "Use bare container format by default" into stable/essex
HACKING.rst Clear created attributes when tearing down tests
LICENSE initial commit Generate a Changelog for Nova
README.rst Converted README to RST format.
babel.cfg Get rid of distutils.extra.
pylintrc Don't warn about C0111 (No docstrings) Remove trailing whitespaces in regular file
setup.cfg Backport tox settings to unbreak jenkins jobs.
tox.ini Backport tox settings to unbreak jenkins jobs.


The Choose Your Own Adventure README for Nova

You have come across a cloud computing fabric controller. It has identified itself as "Nova." It is apparent that it maintains compatibility with the popular Amazon EC2 and S3 APIs.

To monitor it from a distance: follow @openstack on twitter.

To tame it for use in your own cloud: read

To study its anatomy: read

To dissect it in detail: visit

To taunt it with its weaknesses: use

To watch it:

To hack at it: read HACKING

To cry over its pylint problems:

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