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#!/usr/bin/env python
import hmac
from hashlib import sha1
from os.path import basename
from sys import argv, exit
from time import time
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(argv) != 7:
prog = basename(argv[0])
print 'Syntax: %s <path> <redirect> <max_file_size> ' \
'<max_file_count> <seconds> <key>' % prog
print 'Where:'
print ' <path> The prefix to use for form uploaded'
print ' objects. For example:'
print ' /v1/account/container/object_prefix_ would'
print ' ensure all form uploads have that path'
print ' prepended to the browser-given file name.'
print ' <redirect> The URL to redirect the browser to after'
print ' the uploads have completed.'
print ' <max_file_size> The maximum file size per file uploaded.'
print ' <max_file_count> The maximum number of uploaded files'
print ' allowed.'
print ' <seconds> The number of seconds from now to allow'
print ' the form post to begin.'
print ' <key> The X-Account-Meta-Temp-URL-Key for the'
print ' account.'
print 'Example output:'
print ' Expires: 1323842228'
print ' Signature: 18de97e47345a82c4dbfb3b06a640dbb'
path, redirect, max_file_size, max_file_count, seconds, key = argv[1:]
max_file_size = int(max_file_size)
except ValueError:
max_file_size = -1
if max_file_size < 0:
print 'Please use a <max_file_size> value greater than or equal to 0.'
max_file_count = int(max_file_count)
except ValueError:
max_file_count = 0
if max_file_count < 1:
print 'Please use a positive <max_file_count> value.'
expires = int(time() + int(seconds))
except ValueError:
expires = 0
if expires < 1:
print 'Please use a positive <seconds> value.'
parts = path.split('/', 4)
# Must be four parts, ['', 'v1', 'a', 'c'], must be a v1 request, have
# account and container values, and optionally have an object prefix.
if len(parts) < 4 or parts[0] or parts[1] != 'v1' or not parts[2] or \
not parts[3]:
print '<path> must point to a container at least.'
print 'For example: /v1/account/container'
print ' Or: /v1/account/container/object_prefix'
sig =, '%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s' % (path, redirect, max_file_size,
max_file_count, expires),
print ' Expires:', expires
print 'Signature:', sig