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For now the only supported configuration is the use of CNI plugins.

Virtlet have the same behavior and default values for --cni-bin-dir and --cni-conf-dir as described in kubelet network plugins documentation. These parameters refer to paths on the host, it's not necessary to have them mounted into the Virtlet container.

VM Network Setup Diagram

|               +-------------------+                                                                                             Virlet                       |
|               | VM                 |                                                                                            network                      |
|               |                    | Qemu process                                                                               namespace                    |
|               | +---+ eth{0,1,...} |                                                                                                                         |
|               | +---+ ip addr set  |                                                                                                                         |
|               |   /\               |                                                                                                                         |
|               +---||--------------+                                                                                                                          |
|                   \/                                                                                                                                         |
|               FDs of the tap devices                                                                                                                         |
|                                                                                                                                                              |
|                                                                                                                                                              |
|               +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+                                           |
|               |                                                                                                  |                                           |
|               |                                                            virtlet-eth0 (veth netns end          |                 veth0 (veth host end      |
|               |          +---+ tap0            +---+ br0             +---+ created by CNI)                       |           +---+ created by CNI)           |
|               |          |   |-----------------|   |-----------------|   |---------------------------------------------------|   | ip addr set               |
|               |          +---+                 +---+                 +---+                                       |           +---+                           |
|               |                                                                        |                                           |
|               |                                                                                                  |                                           |
|               |                                                      +---+ SR-IOV VF                             |           +---+ SR-IOV host master device |
|               |                                                      |   |---------------------------------------------------|   |                           |
|               |                                                      +---+                                       |           +---+                           |
|               |                                                                                                  |                                           |
|               |                +-------------------+                                                             |                                           |
|               |                |local dhcp server  |                                                             |                                           |
|               |                +-------------------+                                      pod's netns            |                                           |
|               +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+                                           |
|                                                                                                                                                              |

Virtlet uses the specified CNI plugin which is expected to create veth pairs for each configured network with one end belonging to the pod network namespace. A special case is SR-IOV plugin which puts a Virtual Function into the pod network namespace.

  1. On RunPodSandBox request Virtlet requests tapmanager process to set up the networking for the VM by sending it a command over its Unix domain socket
  2. tapmanager sets up the network according to the above diagram (see below for more details)
  3. tapmanager returns network configuration info which is used by Virtlet to set up Cloud-Init network config
  4. When the VM is started, Virtlet wraps the emulator using vmwrapper program which it passes VIRTLET_NET_KEY environment variable containing the key the was used by tapmanager to set up the network.
  5. vmwrapper uses the key to ask tapmanager to send it the file descriptors for the tap interfaces or the description of SR-IOV VFs over tapmanager's Unix domain socket. It then extends emulator command line arguments to make it use tap devices/VFs and then execs the emulator.
  6. Upon StopPodSandbox, Virtlet requests tapmanager to tear down the VM network.

The rationale for having separate tapmanager process is the well-known Go namespace problem. It's expected that the problem will be fixed by Go 1.10 release, after which it will be possible to dumb down tapmanager request processing and run it as a goroutine (so it can use channels etc. to communicate with Virtlet side). Currently tapmanager is starting automatically by virtlet command using the same virtlet binary.

tapmanager performs the network setup by creating a bridge in which it plugs CNI-provided veth (which is stripped of IP address & routes) and a newly created tap interface. It then starts dhcp server that listens for DHCP requests coming from tap interface, cutting the DHCP server from the outside world with ebtables. The dhcp server passes CNI-provided IP, routing and DNS information to the VM so it can join the cluster using the pod IP.

Using the scheme based on passing file descriptors over a Unix domain socket makes it possible to have all the network related code outside vmwrapper and have vmwrapper just exec the emulator instead of spawning it as a child process.

Calico CNI plugin needs special treatment as it tries to pass a routing configuration that cannot be passed over DHCP. For it to work Virtlet patches Calico-provided CNI result, replacing Calico's unreachable fake gateway with another fake gateway with an IP address acquired from Calico IPAM. A proper node subnet must be set for Calico-based virtlet installations. It's controlled by calico-subnet key Virtlet configmap (denoting the number of 1s in the netmask) and defaults to 24.

SR-IOV CNI plugin requires running qemu emulator with full root privileges, so that needs to be manually enabled during Virtlet deployment by setting VIRTLET_SRIOV_SUPPORT environment variable to a non-empty value for the virtlet container.

In case if standard Virtlet deployment yaml is used (generated using virtletctl gen), this can be done by setting sriov_support=true in virtlet-config ConfigMap.

NOTE: Virtlet doesn't support hostNetwork pod setting because it cannot be implemented for VM in a meaningful way.