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Mirayyh's Docs



[✓] 24/7.

Without Major Downtimes

[✓] Lots of Interaction and Fun Commands

[✓] Moderation commands.

[✓] anime commands.

[✓] utility commands.

[✓] NSFW commands.

For better experience, here is her invite with all the permissions she needs Click Me

Any Questions? Try reading our FAQ to see if what you looking for is here.

Suggestions Or want to support the bot? You could join the Support Server to support or suggest a command for the bot.

Mirayyh's Commands could be found in her help command, which can be accessed with x!help

NOTE: Page commands may be outdated. to be sure they are updated, do help command x!help

🛈 Mirayyh Status

[✓] 24/7.
Mirayyh also is 24/7 online without major downtimes.

OwnerVotesServersStatus Mirayyh

basic requirements for Mirayyh: Mirayyh Language Mirayyh Using Mirayyh Request

Commands In Other Pages May Be Outdated, To Be Sure They Aren't Outdated Use x!help Command.

🛈Official Mirayyh Discord Bot


Mirayh is an utility bot that has info / utility commands,anime commands,moderation commands,fun commands,add role and much more!


🛈Main Developer/Owner: XxMirayxX21

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