Plugin for pybuilder providing some useful tasks for django development
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PyBuilder Django Enhanced Plugin

Plugin for pybuilder providing some useful tasks for django development

How to install pybuilder_django_enhanced_plugin

Add plugin dependency to your


Configure the plugin within your init function:

def init(project):
    project.set_property('django_project', 'myproject')
    project.set_property('django_apps', ['myapp', 'myotherapp'])
    # you can store your django project and apps in a nested directory under the project src base
    project.set_property('django_subpath', 'nested/dir')
    project.set_property('django_fixtures', ['{{django_base_path}}/goodapp/fixtures/myfixture.json'])
    project.set_property('django_management_commands', [['custom_command', 'myarg']])


Installing pybuilder_django_enhanced_plugin exposes the following tasks:

  1. "django_test": runs tests for the apps in 'django_apps'. Failures in any of the tests will break the build. Can be called as a task, but also hooks itself to the "run_unit_tests" phase of the analyze lifecycle.
  2. "django_coverage": runs coverage on the tests of all the apps in 'django_apps'. You can set the behaviour of the coverage script by using the coverage plugin settings.
  3. "django_run_management_commands": Runs common commands. If any of the command returns a return code != 0 the build will break. Commands must be set in the form [[command_name, arg1, arg2], [command_name_1, arg3]]
  4. "django_generate": generates the project and apps if not already present
  5. "django_runserver": Runs a django server
  6. "django_run_test_server": Runs a django testserver with the fixtures provided in 'django_fixtures'
  7. "django_syncdb": Runs the syncdb django management command
  8. "django_migrate": Runs the migrate django management command
  9. "django_makemigrations": Runs the makemigrations django management command
  10. "django_e2e_tests": starts a test server and runs a list of commands provided in the property 'django_e2e_test_commands'. django_e2e_test_commands is a list of lists. The first element of the list is the name of the command, the rest of the elements represent the actual command (e.g. [['curl_test', 'curl', '']] )


Start a new project:

pip install pybuilder
pyb --startproject



name = "django_pybuilder_test"
default_task = "publish"

def set_properties(project):
    project.set_property('django_project', 'myproject')
    project.set_property('django_apps', ['myapp', 'myotherapp'])
    project.set_property('django_subpath', 'django_project')

Generate the django project and start using django_enhanced_plugin:

pyb install_dependencies
pyb django_generate
pyb django_test
# edit the project's file and add the apps to the list of installed apps
pyb django_runserver
# etc...

To use an existing project, simply copy your project and apps in a subdirectory under the pybuilder project source (default is src/main/python) and set django_project, django_apps and django_subpath accordingly