Find a keymap for... and show all enabled keymaps in a Cheat Sheet.
Latest commit 073dfa7 Jan 5, 2014 @MiroHibler Bug fix for issue #15
Bug fix for issue #15

Sublime Text Keymap Helper

Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3 editor that enables searching for keymaps by function as well as showing all enabled keymaps in a searchable color-coded list - Cheat Sheet.


  • NEW! Search for keymaps by function
  • Shows searchable color-coded Cheat Sheet (overview) of keymaps
  • Open the keymap file to edit chosen keymap


Find a keymap for...

  • Invoke via ? / CtrlAlt? (menu: Tools -> Keymaps -> Find a keymap for...)
  • Start typing the function you need keymap for and - voilà!
  • Additionaly, hit to execute it!

Find a keymap for...

Cheat Sheet

  • Invoke via _ / CtrlAlt_ (menu: Tools -> Keymaps -> Cheat Sheet)
  • Use these commands to browse the Cheat Sheet and select an entry to open corresponding .sublime-keymap file and edit the keymap

/ CtrlAlt: Navigate Forward

/ CtrlAlt: Navigate Backward

C / CtrlAltC: Clear Selection

/ CtrlAlt: Open .sublime-keymap File For Editing

or double-click previously selected line while holding / CtrlAlt

Here's an example of possible output (OS X, truncated):

Cheat Sheet

How to install

Warning: If you experience problems or editor crashes please file an issue.

With Package Control:

  1. Run “Package Control: Install Package” command, find and install Keymaps plugin.
  2. Restart ST editor (if required)


Mac ALL users can now opt for pretty simbols instead of text for keys.

Go to Preferences -> Settings - User and add this to the file:

"keymaps": { "show_osx_keys": true }

"keymaps": { "show_pretty_keys": true }



  • Bug fix for issue #15


  • Bug fix for issue #9: parse Default.sublime-keymap file in packages


  • Search for keymaps by function
  • Simplified keymaps for Keymaps itself
  • Moved to Tools menu
  • Bug fixes (yes, I know - again :P )


  • Bumped internal version number


  • Fixed bug in in v1.2.1 (and v1.2.0) preventing plugin running


  • Fixed bug in messages.json preventing plugin upgrade


  • Additional Sublime Text 3 compatibility
  • More Cross-platform pretty simbols instead of text for keys (optional)
  • Bug fixes


  • Sublime Text 3 compatibility
  • Cleaned up and center-aligned listing
  • Cross-platform pretty simbols instead of text for keys (optional)
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release


Inspired by KeymapViewer

Copyright and license

Copyright © 2013 @MiroHibler

Licensed under the MIT license.