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Fork of the original to push patches upstream easily. This fork is not (yet) supported in any way.
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Redmine spent time column plugin

(Yet) unsupported fork of its original to add some features and fix some issues.


Work towards a stable and highly configurable version 2.0.0 of the plugin:

  • (COMPLETED) Add setting to control whether or not the bottom summary line should be displayed on issueslists (incl. calc.);

  • (COMPLETED) Add settings for enabling/disabling each of the five 'columns' on the issuelist bottom summary line (all 'columns' should be enabled by default). Again, including the calculations but now per column;

  • (COMPLETED) Add settings for enabling/disabling each of the four additional issuelist columns (only the 'Spent time column' should be enabled by default);

  • (ONHOLD) Fix handling of parent/sub-tasks:

    • On issuelist bottom summary line: don't double-count estimated/spent time (check for more) from issue.children;

    • On issuelist columns: there seems to be a strange double-counting issue when using issue.self_and_descendants on parent issues;

  • (INPROGRESS) Add new 'Calculated remaining time'-column (Estimated time - Spent time) (both as issuelist column and as bottom summary line column);

  • (TOSTART) Add proper documentation



  • Estimated time

    • issue.estimated_hours

  • Spent time

    • issue.spent_hours

  • Calculated spent time

    • Estimated time * % Done

  • Divergent time

    • Spent time - Calculated spent time

  • Calculated Remaining time

    • Estimated time - (Estimated time * % Done)

  • Remaining time

    • Estimated time - Spent time

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