A project to geospatially map the IP address space of international telecommunication companies
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This is a combination of python http server code (which is quite shit) which takes
data from the clients and puts it into an sqlite database.

The other componant is an Android application which occasionally sends a single POST
request to the server to supply with its environmental data.

Contents of the supplied data will be used to create datasets and visualizations about
how international telcos distribute their IP address space geospacially.

More info: rich@anomos.info

SQLite Table Layout:
ip, connection_type, carrier, latitude, longitude, location_type, time, unique_id
CREATE  TABLE "main"."points" ("ip" TEXT NOT NULL , "connection_type" TEXT NOT NULL , "carrier" TEXT NOT NULL , "latitude" TEXT NOT NULL , "longitude" TEXT NOT NULL , "location_type" TEXT NOT NULL , "time" TEXT NOT NULL , "unique_id" TEXT NOT NULL)

Tuts used:

To test POST:
curl -d ip= -d connection_type=3g -d carrier=tmo -d latitude=86.88 longitude=69.69 -d location_type=gps -d time=11111111 -d unique_id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://localhost:8888