OnionCloud - An Anonymous Heroku-like PaaS
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OnionCloud - An Anonymous Heroku-like PaaS

About OnionCloud

While developing HitStarter, we became quickly aware of how tedious it is to deploy hidden services. Currently, there are no hosting providers which offer modern application deployment solutions like Heroku, only VPS services which require countless hours of server deployment and maintenance. This is harming the Onionverse, as there are less free anonymous web services because of how difficult and annoying it is to deploy them.

We'd like to develop a service, similar to Heroku, which would allow single command deployment of anonymous services:

git remote add onioncloud123456.onion/myapp

git push onion master

and it's live!

This would also enable the ability to rapidly develop applications on top of OnionCloud, including anonymous communication and publishing services and single-serving marketplaces.


This service will be built on top of dotCloud's 'Docker' container platform. It will be kept as Free and Open Source software, and hosted applications will be provided at the lowest cost possible, with a free tier if it's possible to do so.

We aim to support a number of different application execution environments, including support for PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby.


We are seeking to raise some money in order to hire 1 additional developer to help build and deploy this service. The timeframe is 3 months after the funding deadline to a beta, and then 3 months after that to develop a 1.0 version of the service.


Thanks for your support!