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Various DIY modules made by Rich Jones for use with VCV Rack. So far, mostly simple utilities and effects, hopefully some more interesting ones soon!




It's a supersaw! Frequency, detune and mix are all voltage controlled, and there's switches for phase, inversion and 2/3 OSC. There's also a reset button.

Twin LFO

Two oscillators, one output! This thing generates crazy wubs - it's super fun! The first LFO is the "main" LFO output, the second one controls the rate of the first. Set the first one higher than the second to get crazy wub effects.

Also has a shape wheel for mixing the sin/saw shape, and has knobs for offset and inversion. All parameters are voltage controllable!


Noise generates pink and white noise! It also has an integreted high pass and low pass filter. Everything is voltage controlled, and there's a bonus volume knob.

Range LFO

Range LFO is an LFO which can be explictly mapped to a specific (controllable) range. Very handy!


Bit Crusher

It's a bit crusher! Accepts control voltage, and sets a (voltage controlled) minimum bit depth for fine tuning.

Filter Delay

A modification of the basic delay that filters each feedbacking pass. Kind of reggaeish, good for pads too.


Based on a trigger signal, lower the volume of the input/output signal. CV controllable decay and ratio. Use a kick or a button to make some awesome wooshy noises or hard-knocking beats! I think there's a bug in this module but it works pretty good for me anyway.


Widener is a CV-controlled Haas-effect stereo widener with integrated high pass/low pass filter and a mix knob. Really useful for adding motion to a lead or for making drums rumble!


It's a digital glitch effect! Use the main on/off button (and related input) to turn the looper on and off, then use the time knob (controllable with CV) to adjust the size of the stutter. Also has a mix knob.



Filter is a voltage-controlled integrated high-pass and low-pass filter. Also includes a voltage-controlled res and mix paramater knobs. It's a really good VCF.


Filters is like Volumes or Panners, but for Filters. Each knob controls both a low pass and high pass filter. Super handy!


Notch is a notch filter! You can play with the frequency, depth and width. All voltage controlled.



It generates three (voltage controlled) integers from -12 to +12!


It generates three (voltage controlled) floats from -12 to +12!


Generates three random values. The range of the values can be controlled via CV, but will default to (-12, +12) if CV values are empty/equal.


Left Right Mixer

A simple 12-to-2 mixer for mixing multiple stereo signals. With an additional overall voume knob.


A voltage-controlled mono-izer. Given a wide dual input signal, convert to mono outputs based on a knob and CV. Has two outputs, but only one is need if you're just going to 100% mono.


A modification of 'Mutes' that adds the ability to adjust the volume of 10 different input-output pairs. Can be used to quiet and amplify.


Panner is a voltage controlled panner. Without CV, it pans a mono signal into left and right channels based on the value of the knob. Combine with an LFO to build an autopanner!


Panners is a bank of 5 panners. Each takes a stereo input and a stereo output. Pretty simple but handy for placing lots of elements around a stereo space.



BPM lets you set a voltage-controllable beats per minute, with an array of outputs that get a +12 signal. There is also a CV reset with a connected button.

You can get some weird polyrhythmic stuff by putting an LFO on the CV, which gives a variable BPM. Even weirder if you start using a bunch!


It's literally just a big ass button with six outputs. You hit it, it sends a +12 reset signal.


It's not one big button - it's lot of little butons!

They're arranged a drum pad, so it's fun and easy to make a playable drum pad simulator by building a circuit like this:



It's a 1 to 9-way splitter! You've got a signal - now send it everywhere!


If splitting one signal to many isn't your fancy, Splitters gives you a 5:10 splitter instead! Handy!


Three digital displays. Useful for debugging. Provides a passthrough output as well.


Range will map an input from one range of values to another. So, if you have an oscillator which outputs from 0/2, you can map it to a -5/5 audio signal or a -10/10 CV. Handy!

Future Plans

None of them actually exist yet, but I'm hoping this will project eventually contain:

  • FFTTuner - FFT / Tuner
  • VCDryWet - A simple dry/wet mixer
  • DubEcho - Two delays and a spring.
  • Ping Pong Delay (or maybe just a delay with seperate dry/wet outs that can feed to the panner?)
  • Vocoder, maybe?
  • Dedicated 808/kick circuit with click
  • Reverb - It's a reverb!
  • Phaser - Pssshheeeeeooooooowwwwwwoooowowwaaaaaahhhhhh
  • Harmonic Saturator
  • Ring Modulator
  • Granulator
  • Shepard Tone Generator
  • BPM LFO - LFO with integrated divisible BPM (including triplets), for triplet wubs
  • Wobbler - Selectable classic wobble automation shapes
  • 3xOSC - The classic, RJ style
  • MIDI Recorder - record MIDI notes to a MIDI file
  • Wubber - Integrated LCA + LFO with adjustable pulse width and clock divider
  • Memory - Record a signal to a buffer, loop/trigger it back. Integrated knob. 4 banks.
  • XYFX - Kaos Pad-inspired multi-FX rack.
  • OscPhrase - Phrase generation based on a slow LFO
  • LFOArp - Arp with LFO for controlling speed
  • Band Splitter - Split into L/M/H bands
  • Cycle Gate - Only allow through a controlable number of cycles. Ex, if set to 3, allows 3 cycles of wave (until a value repeats) until the signal is gated.
  • Keyboard Keyboard - Keyboard that allows you to send CV with the computer keyboard in the same configuration as the one in Ableton.
  • Kielbasa Thickener - Sausage Fattener clone
  • Replay Knob - Knob that records and loops
  • Divide Delay - Delay with an integrated clock divider. Also has an integrated send/return for the wet signal.
  • Mixixix - 4 channel mixer with send/return chains and integrated sidechain.
  • Shitty - Makes a signal sound shitty. Lofi. So hot right now.
  • Loop Station - 8 track loop station clone. Integrated Trim.
  • The Beast - Chord, Arp, 3xLFO+Filter, Sync, ADSR, VCO, Quantizer, Keyboard, Master Out. All in one panel.


~~~Then, clone this repo into the `plugins` directory and run `make` from this directory.~~~

Steps since 0.6.0 (Mac):
   * Download and install Rack to Applications
   * Download the Rack SDK
   * Clone this repo
   * `RACK_DIR=~/Downloads/Rack-SDK/ make dist` 
   * `mkdir -p /Applications/`
   * `copy -r dist RJModules /Applications/`
   * `/Applications/ -d`

## Related Projects

  * [Autopan](

## License

(c) Rich Jones 2017, BSD.
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