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this is my little sinatra template

what does it do?

development mode automatically reloads models and lib directory

by default, you are in development mode. any stuff you put in your models or lib directory gets reloaded with every request. Your RACK_ENV determines what database you use, as well.

active record migrations

throw your active record migrations into the db/migrate directory, and run rake db:migate. your migrations will run.

application console

just like rails, you can drop into an irb shell which has your environment loaded up into it and interact with your application that way. you can run rake irb or rake console.


throw your cucumber features into the features directory. you can run rake cucumber, which is just a shortcut to cucumber features.


put the gems you want to use into your Gemfile and run bundle install. this will automatically include the gems in your application.

team fun helpers

the team fun helpers add url magic to your models. if you use rails-like routing, (/<class>/<id>), you can use redirect_to @model.

if you don't, just define the to_uri method for your models, like so:

def to_uri

and redirect\_to will work. You can also use link_to in the same way in your templates.

team fun form builder

you get a rails style form_for @object method. it detects the correct HTTP method and uri based on the same criteria of link_to.

configuration hash

add a yaml file to your config directory and it will be automatically parsed and available to you in the Environment::Config object. if your file is called database.yml, for instance, you can access that hash via Environment::Config.database

Heroku compatible!

the default database configuration system is completely compatible with Heroku

how to install

clone the repository, gem install bundler, bundle install.