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Admin Dashboard Template Theme for Blazor

This is an ultra lightweight admin dashboard based in Blazor. We are experimenting this in our ASP.NET project. The aim is to use Blazor, CSS, CSS Grid and Bootstrap for front end development with the design philosophy of keeping the components modern and lightweight with minimal dependencies. We strongly believe that less dependencies means easier to upgrade. On the other hand, if Blazor or Bootstrap introduces new components that overlap with those in this project, the idea is to let the components in Blazor and Boostrap take precedence. This template is available under the MIT License, so feel free to play with it. See a Live Demo.

Blazor Dashboard


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  1. Blazor 0.6 or onwards is installed
  2. Visual Studio 2017 with Blazor Extensions

Build the Admin Dashboard

  1. Clone or Download Misfits-Rebels-Outcasts/Blazor-Dashboard.
  2. Clone or Download Misfits-Rebels-Outcasts/Blazor-Charts.
  3. Launch Blazor-Dashboard.sln in Visual Studio.
  4. Add Existing Project to DoughnutChartComponent.csproj, LineChartComponent.csproj, PieChartComponent.csproj, HorizontalBarChartComponent.csproj and VerticalBarChartComponent.csproj.
  5. Right Click Dependencies and Add Reference... to DoughnutChartComponent, LineChartComponent, PieChartComponent, HorizontalBarChartComponent, VerticalBarChartComponent project.
  6. Rebuild and Run Blazor-Dashboard with F5 or Ctrl-F5.