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# Ishimaru Design Website, based on FluxBB's engine
# By Ishimaru Chiaki aka MissGeek
# The license is thus the same as FluxBB's license (GPLv2 or later)

Introduction :
I developed this CMS for my own needs, but I decided to publish the sources on Github for the following reasons :
- It's easier te track bugs if we are several geeks to track them.  When you're spending your time checking your own code, you might miss some details.
- People that are more used to FluxBB can give suggestions.
- As many people want features like the ones I implemented, why not making the community benefit of it ?

Characteristics :
- Uses the sessions of a FluxBB forum where the site is installed
- Uses FluxBB's BBCode system
- Uses one of your FluxBB's forum for its news module
- Resources module, with categories/subcategories management for your hacks and graphics
- Tutorials module, with categories management and a comments system
- Static pages management using BBCode system
- Sidemenu widgets : Latest replies, Your ads, Social links (can be enabled/disabled)
- Bilingual data management by the use of special formatting for data (explained in this repo's wiki)
- Cache system in order to optimize certain parts that don't change often (footer, submenu, homepage blocks, stats, site config, etc.)
- Admin section and site config that are specific to the site.

Changelog :
- Nov 19th 2013 : Some more bugfixes while finalizing my site.  Should work fine now
- Nov 09th 2013 : Alot of bugfixes while setting up the CMS on my site. It is getting almost stable now.
- Jan 17-20th 2013 : Code cleanup and some bugfixes
- May 4th 2012 : First dev version release

How to install it :

- First of all, install your FluxBB forum. I recommend to install it in a folder instead of placing it directly on the website root (ex: instead of

- Send the CMS file on your website's root

- Set permissions to 777 for /cache/ and /img/ directories, and do the same for site_config.php

- Go to http://<your address>/install_site.php and fill in the form to install the CMS.

- Congratulations ! Your website is now installed !  You can now set it up !

- For security reasons, I recommend to set the newly filled site_config.php's permission to 555


Source code of my own website, using FluxBB 1.5's engine



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