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GetSetGo generates get/set methods for Java or properties for C# when given a list of instance variables.

Currently, GetSetGo can only handle 1 modifier per variable.



  1. Paste the instance variables (attributes) you would like to generate get/set methods for into the 'Instance Variables' text box on the left. The instance variables must be in the format of:
    modifier type name;
    including the semicolon at the end of each line.
  2. Select your programming language.
  3. Tick 'Read Only' if you don't want this variable to be set via a public method.
  4. Tick 'Keep Modifiers' if you want to use the same modifiers as your variables for your generated methods - otherwise these will all be public.
  5. If C# code, enter in a prefix property string, this will prefix the name of the variable to generate the property name.
  6. Click Generate and copy and paste the methods/properties into your class. Easy!