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This repository contains code the Missouri S&T Multirotor Robot Design Team intends to use at the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) in 2020

Table of Contents

Codebase Structure

vision/  # Computer Vision related algorithms
flight/  # Physical control (motors, actuators, etc.) related algorithms  # Python program to run the competition code

Information about files within each directory can be found in /<directory>/

Running the Code

To run the competition code

poetry shell # Initialize the python environment
./  # Run the code


To run our competition code, you will need:


  1. Set up the development toolchain. Instructions are platform dependant - more info here.

    • Choose your operating system from the Development Environment section
    • Install the latest Python version using pyenv on MacOS and Linux. For Windows, get the executable from the Python website.
    • Make sure you follow the steps very specifically - else you will waste time.
  2. Install poetry

  3. Clone the PX4 Firmware repository. Tutorial here.

  4. If you are testing at home, install a supported simulator by reading the instructions here.

    • Currently, we do simple development with jMAVSim, and complex development and testing in AirSim, so start with jMAVSim
    • Run the make command in the PX4 Firmware repository
  5. Clone this repository to any location with

git clone --recursive
  1. Install pre-commit for auto-formatting and sanity checking from here

  2. Run the pre-commit linker

pre-commit install
  1. In the root of this repository, run the following to create a virtual environment and install our packages:

    poetry install


  1. Clone the repository

    git clone --recursive
  2. Make sure you are on the up to date develop branch.

    git switch develop
    git pull
  3. Create a branch to add your changes by running.

    git switch -c "branch_name"

    branch_name should follow the convention feature/{feature_name}, or hotfix/{fix_name}

  4. Make changes in your new branch and commit regularly.

  5. Once changes are complete, go to GitHub and submit a "Pull Request". Fill in necessary information. Any issues your PR solves should be donoted in the description by putting the words Closes #99 where 99 is replaced with the issue you are closing. Request one of the software leaders to review the PR on the right hand side of the PR.

  6. Once it has been reviewed by other members of the team, it can be accepted to the develop branch and the cycle continues...

    More info on the process here and here


We adopt the MIT License for our projects. Please read the LICENSE file for more info


Missouri S&T's Multirotor Robot Design Team's 2020 International Aerial Robotics Competition code







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