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An adapter for Vue.js to integrate with good-injector, a dependency injection framework for TypeScript.


  • Integrate as Vue.js plugin
  • Supports argument injection to all life cycle hooks of Vue.js components, meaning:
    • beforeCreate, created, beforeMount, mounted, beforeUpdate, updated, beforeDestroy, destroyed, activated, deactivated, errorCaptured
  • Exposes the IoC container as $container on Vue component instances
  • Supports all features of good-injector



yarn add good-injector-vue


npm install good-injector-vue

Set up dependency injection in your bootstrapping code (typically Main.ts):

import { Container, GoodInjectorPlugin } from "good-injector-vue";

// setup dependency injection
var container = new Container();

// configure plugin
Vue.use(GoodInjectorPlugin, { container })

// ... rest of the bootstrapping as usual

Let good-injector inject your registered dependencies directly into Vue.js' life cycle hooks:

// in Home.vue
import { InjectArguments } from "good-injector-vue";

export class Home extends Vue {
    public mounted(repo: Repository): void {
        // use "repo" and enjoy!

Use the $container property in your components to access the container directly if you need to.

// in Home.vue
export class Home extends Vue {
    // @InjectArguments() => decorator would throw because it's not a life cycle hook!
    public someMethod(): void {
        // access container directly works
        let repo = this.$container.resolve(Repository);

For all supported DI features, visit good-injector.

Limitations and hints

  • Please note that the InjectArguments decorator is a decorator factory. Don't forget the parenthesis, i.e. InjectArguments() (in newer TypeScript versions, compiler will complain if you forget this).
  • Please note that the SupportsInjection decorator of good-injector does not work directly on Vue.js components, because they are not instantiated by the container. The decorator fully works on all your dependencies though, for example the Repository type in the sample above.
  • Make sure that you don't inject costly to construct transient dependencies into potentially frequently called life cycle hooks like updated.

Build yourself

Make sure you have ts-node globally installed for executing the unit tests.

  • Clone repo
  • yarn
  • npm run build:dev

Look at the available scripts to see what's available to build, lint, test and watch.