All completed code for the Bootstrapping MVC Book Project
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All completed code for the Bootstrapping MVC Book Project. This is the final copy of all code at the end of Day 30. If you'd like to follow along, you can purchase the eBook or follow the link below to the original blog series.

The 30 Day Breakdown

You can see the rough version of the entire series here.

Warming Up

  • Day 1: The MVC 5 Starter Project
  • Day 2: Examining the Solution Structure
  • Day 3: Adding a Controller and View
  • Day 4: Making a Page Worth a Visit
  • Day 5: Bootstrap for the Asp.Net Developer

Enhancing Our Views

  • Day 6: Reusing Design Elements on Multiple Pages
  • Day 7: Semi-Automatic Bootstrap – Display Templates
  • Day 8: Semi-Automatic Bootstrap – Editor Templates
  • Day 9: Templates for Complex Types
  • Day 10: HtmlHelper Extension Methods
  • Day 11: Realistic Test Data for Our View

Exploring Bootstrap

  • Day 12: Implement Search Using Inline Forms and AJAX
  • Day 13: Standard Styling and Horizontal Forms
  • Day 14: Bootstrap Alerts and MVC Framework TempData
  • Day 15: Some Bootstrap Basics
  • Day 16: Conceptual Organization of the Bootstrap Library

Special Announcement!

  • Day 17: Free Training For All the Peoples!

Adding Some Sparkle

  • Day 18: Customizing and Rendering Bootstrap Badges
  • Day 19: Long-Running Notifications Using Badges and Entity Framework Code First
  • Day 20: An ActionFilter to Inject Notifications
  • Day 21: Cleaning Up Filtering, the Layout & the Menu

So, You’ve Got People Logging In

  • Day 22: Sprucing up Identity for Logged In Users
  • Day 23: Choosing Your Own Look-And-Feel
  • Day 24: Storing User Profile Information
  • Day 25: Personalizing Notifications
  • Day 26: Bootstrap Tabs for Managing Accounts
  • Day 27: Rendering Data in Bootstrap Table

Wrapping Up With Some More Bootstrap

  • Day 28: Doing More Interesting Things With Buttons
  • Day 29: Confirmation Dialogs for Delete Actions
  • Day 30: Loading Bootstrap Modal Content via AJAX