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A curated "awesome" list of resources for Adobe Launch.
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Awesome Adobe Launch

A curated list of awesome resources for Adobe Launch.

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Using Launch

Migrating to Launch

A few resources on migrating to Launch.

Recommended Blogs

These blogs have a primary focus on analytics, testing, and tag management. While not all entries are specific to Adobe Launch, the links below are pointing to the most relevant category.

  • 33 Sticks - 33Sticks, an analytics boutique, covers a wide variety of topics for Adobe Launch.
  • Adobe Tech Blog - The official Adobe Launch blog with technical articles from the Adobe team.
  • Analytics Demystified - Analytics Demystified, a consulting group, covers a wide variety of topics for Adobe Launch.
  • Datanalyst - Julien Piccini's blog that focuses on the technical side of Adobe products, including examples on how to build Launch extensions.
  • Digital Data Tactics - Jenn Kunz's blog has more technical-focused articles about Adobe Launch as well a variety of other analytics related topics.
  • Evolytics - Evolytics, a consulting group, has a variety of topics for Adobe Launch including extension development articles.
  • Jimalytics - Jim Gordon's blog focuses on the technical aspects of the strategy and deployment of tag managers and analytics tools.
  • MisterPhilip - Philip Lawrence's blog focus primarily on the technical aspects of Adobe Launch.
  • Search Discovery - Search Discovery, a consulting group, has a wide variety of topics for Adobe Launch.
  • Web Analytics for Developers - Jan Exner's blog focuses on helping web developers implement Adobe Analytics, Launch, and more.


Tutorials that cover various aspects of using Launch.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions that will make your life easier when deploying and troubleshooting Adobe Launch.

  • Adobe Experience Cloud Chrome - A multi-purpose extension that gives insights to all Adobe products on the page, including switching the environment for Adobe Launch.
  • dataslayer Chrome Firefox - Debug the rules that Adobe Launch triggers.
  • Launch and DTM Switch Chrome - Allows environment selection and debug toggling for both Adobe DTM & Launch.
  • Tagtician Chrome - Debug Adobe DTM & Launch libraries on your site.

Getting Help

There are several places to get help if you're stuck working with Adobe Launch.

Extension Development

Building Extensions

Example Extensions

Extension Development Packages

NPM Packages that will make your life easier when developing Launch extensions.

API Development


Here are SDKs to help make developing with the API easier. Note that not all of these are supported by Adobe.



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