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Adding code completion for Adobe Launch extension developers in JetBrain's Webstorm IDE.


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Adobe Launch turbine type hinting dummy for IDEs

This repository adds code autocomplete and parameter / type hinting for the Turbine library (Adobe Launch's rule engine) to JetBrain's Webstorm and extensionBridge. While this was specifically created for WebStorm, other IDEs should be able to accept this dummy file - the method of adding it to the IDE may be different. The easiest way would be to add the file to your code base, but add a .gitignore rule to make sure you're not including it in your repository.

An example of hinting at the parameters for the turbine methods:

Example parameter hinting and autocompletion

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Installing in WebStorm

Below are the steps to install this dummy file in WebStorm 2019. Earlier versions will be very similar, but the path to the JS library settings has changed slightly over the years.

  1. Clone or download this repository on your local machine

  2. Navigate to the following the JS Library settings: File > Settings > Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript > Libraries

  3. Click on "Add"

  4. Enter a name that is descriptive (e.g. "Adobe Launch")

  5. Select "Framework Type" as <Custom>, and leave the "Version" field blank

  6. Select the "Visibility" you want - it's recommended to leave this as "Project", otherwise all of your other projects will have access to the turbine variable in code autocomplete.

  7. Add a new file (the "+" on the right), and select "Attach Files"

  8. Navigate to the turbine.js file that you cloned/downloaded in the first step. You can leave the type set to "Debug".

  9. (Optional, but recommended) Add a Documentation URL at the bottom, using as your URL. This will allow you to hit Shift + F1 and navigate directly to the Launch documentation.

  10. Finally, click "OK" on the library popup, and then "Apply" on the settings popup. You must hit apply in order for the settings to save and the turbine variable to be included in code completion.

The final JS library dialog should look similar to this:

Example Configuration

Once this has been configured properly, you can hit Alt + Q to see the quick documentation. Learn more about code references in WebStorm


Adding code completion for Adobe Launch extension developers in JetBrain's Webstorm IDE.








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