Pure Javascript Metronome Using Web Audio API
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Responsive Web Audio Metronome

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Using @cwilso's HTML5 demo metronome as a starting point, I added several features commonly seen in professional metronomes, including:

  • variable meter input
  • support for triplet subdivisions
  • master volume toggling
  • accent volume toggling
  • subdivision volume toggling
  • material design UI

Adding triplet note support was the trickiest, since it required converting the base note interval from a 16th note to a twelvelet, which contains both eighth note and sixteenth note intervals (thanks college drumline days). The scheduler picks out the relevant subdivisions in the polyrhythm and mutes the rest. This worked way better than simultaneously scheduling duple subdivisions and triple subdivisions, especially with the variable tempo input.


  1. clone the repository
  2. open index.html using a broswer other than Chrome (Chrome doesn't like running web workers locally apparently)


  • toggle note pitches
  • tap tempo detection
  • easy sound file import
  • add visual metronome