Tools for building and running ROS2 on RaspberryPi3
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Tools for building and running ROS2 on Raspberry Pi 3.

These are scripts I created to capture all the steps needed to build and run ROS2 on my Raspberry Pi 3. These tools are mostly bash scripts that are used on a clean Raspian installation. This is as of August 2018 when Raspian is a 32 bit version of Stretch Debian Linux and ROS2 had just released Bouncy Bolson.

Some of the tools are:

Script with all the steps to do an initial or update build of ROS2 on the Raspberry Pi 3. I have several Pi's so I build on one and then copy the resulting installation directories to the other systems. The script is broken into sections that are enabled by script variables so the steps can be done one at a time in case there are update or compatibility problems.