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GHC Jail-Break

Chocolatey sources for GHC Jail-Break

This repository contains the sources for the GHC-JailBreak Chocolatey packages.

To use these get Chocolatey

and then just install the version of GHC you want, but it needs to be at least GHC version 8.6.4. After that install this tool ghc-jailbreak.

cinst ghc-jailbreak

for the latest version

cinst ghc-jailbreak -pre

for the latest pre-release version

cinst ghc-jailbreak -version 0.0.1

for specific version, e.g. 0.0.1

The installer will automatically pick the right bitness for your OS, but if you would like to force it to get x86 on x86_64 you can:

cinst ghc-jailbreak -x86

The installer also requires write permissions to the ghc folder, as such it needs administrative rights.

uninstalling can be done with

cuninst ghc-jailbreak

If more than one version of GHC-JailBreak is present then you will be presented with prompt on which version you would like to uninstall.

 Note: You need to run `refreshenv` or restart your console before ghc is available.

== Module Def creation routine ==

The following regexpr are used to generate the base def files



$1=msvcrt.$1 DATA

Use the build.ps1 script to build the proper packages.


Free your GHC on Window's chocolatey installation from a bunch of ancient restrictions.







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