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Gemfile Add foreign keys to almost all models Feb 7, 2020
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Procfile Added Procfile Dec 12, 2019 Update Jan 5, 2020
package.json Use js based timeago to fix caching issues. Feb 6, 2020

This is the repository for the Overwatch Workshop Website Anyone is free to contribute or submit issues or requests regarding the website.

The main goal is performance. The website should always be quick to load and function. Desktop load times should always be below 1 second, on mobile no more than 2 seconds. Server response time should be below 50ms. Images should be losslessly compressed. WebP should be used wherever possible.

This website uses Ruby on Rails 5.2 and Elasticsearch. It's hosted on Heroku, using Bonsai for Elasticsearch.

The HTML and SCSS are structured according to BEM. JS does not follow any direct guidelines. Functions should be concise and limited. Files should be separated by their intent. No frameworks are libraries are used.

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